Thursday, April 26, 2012


Every year it seems here in our mountains spring don't come easy.  Never mind that a month ago we had two weeks of summer.  Winter still keeps pushing in.  I took this picture Monday morning from my car on my way out of my neighborhood to Baltimore.  I scraped four inches off my car before leaving and I'm told we had four more that day.  When I returned the next afternoon all the snow was gone.
We had two pleasant spring days.  I just came in from a long walk in the nearby woods.  I needed only a T-shirt.  Now weather report warns of a freeze tonight that may damage some plants.  Looks like winter may win this week.
But I know that sooner or later spring will out.  The reluctant trees will open their leaves.  I will put my plants out to stay (I've already had them out and in twice!)  The lake will start to warm up. 
Even when it looks like darkness and death are winning, new life and light will shine through.

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