Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Birds

This is the crippled female mallard who has made her home once more in one of the pine bushes near my house. She sits like this for the longest while, I guess making sure no enemies are watching, and then she flutters up a couple feet, slips underneath some branches, and disappears into the bush. The bush shows no sign of her presence. Her husband is huddled down on my dock, against today's windy, cool, rainy, even sleety, weather.
Easter morning my "gay" cardinal showed up with his wife! Big surprise! He brought her to the side mirror of my car to show her the cardinal that I thought he had been flirting with. It was funny watching her do the same thing he had done, looking into the mirror and then jumping on top of it to see the bird behind it who keeps mysteriously disappearing.
Watching birds has become a valuable part of my life here. I think even of my relationship with God.

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