Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Volcano

Many years ago I came across this quote and used it without knowing where it came from. Today for spiritual reading I chose an old Easter sermon by Karl Rahner, published in "The Eternal Year"(English-1964;German-1953)and the quote was part of his sermon:
"His resurrection is like the first eruption of a volcano which shows that God's fire alrady burns in the innermost depths of the earth, and that everything shall be brought to a holy glow in his light. He rose to show that this has already begun. The new creation has already started, the new power of a transfigued earth is already being formed from the world's innermost heart, into which Christ descended by dying. Futility, sin and death are already conquered in the innermost realm of all reality, and only the "little while" (which we call history) is needed until what has actually already happened appears everywhere in glory and not only in the body of Jesus."
The resurrection, then, isn't just something that happend to Jesus as an individual. It has happened to all creation. The world may still look stale and sad, but new life is bubbling just below the surface getting ready to flow out bright and beautiful.

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