Monday, November 26, 2007

Swords to Plows

"They will hammer swords to plows and spears to pruning knives.
Nations will not take up arms, will no longer train for war."
These verses from the prophet Isaiah are on a plaque in the gardens of the United Nations building in New York. The Jewish Study Bible (Tanakh translation)has this note on the passage: "The prophet does not imagine a future without borders or distinct nationalities. International conflicts will stlll occur, but nations will no longer resolve them through warfare. Instead, nations will submit to arbitration at Mount Zion. The Temple will become the headquarters of a divine Security Council with a membership of one and unsurpassed ability to ensure compliance."
An interesting image: God as arbitrator among nations, helping us to settle our differences without resorting to war.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Moonset #2

Yesterday, after taking the picture from my bedroom window of the pale moon setting, I put on a heavy coat and went out into the still, freezing morning and took some more pictures from my deck. This final picture of the moon setting in the west is tinted by the sun not yet risen in the east. A gift.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I woke this morning a little before seven with the full moon shining in my bedroom window. When I checked it out it was setting where the sun sets in the summer and it was reflecting in the lake. I grabbed my camera, opened the window, and shot from there. The temperature was 14 degrees. There were no sounds at all. Just stillness and pale moon over the trees and in the water. A glimpse of God.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


The fall had been so beautiful and warm that I wondered why I was going away on vacation. Where do you vacation when you live in Paradise! Then Monday morning the temperature dropped to 22 degrees and we had our first frost of the season. I left that day for Baltimore and then Hawaii.
I seemed to have arrived at the same time as the rainy season. At least it is warm. The place where I am staying is as captivating as before. The trees are not blooming as in the spring but there are wild orchids popping up everywhere. I am amazed at Nature's ability to bring life out of this jagged lava. Equally amazed at God's bringing life out of our jagged ways.

Haven't figured how to do pictures from this distance.