Friday, January 20, 2012

Intensifying Beauty


It was fun walking in the 7-8 inches of very light snow that we got through the night. Beauty everywhere.
Haught says that evolution is aiming to maximize beauty or what Darwin called "grandeur" in the universe. Evolution has brought about human beings endowed with consciousness, self-awareness, freedom, moral sensitivity, ability to enjoy beauty, and the instinct to worship. Haught sees these as ways that nature intensifies beauty.
He points out that human beings can contribute in our own small way to intensify the world's beauty. I think of artists, poets, writers, composers, and movie makers adding to the world's beauty. I think of the pictures I capture and the care I take to write well. And all the paintings on my walls and statues and carvings and stained glass, surrounding myself with beauty created by human beings.
God is not interested in perpetuating the status quo but in luring the universe to become more than what it is by intensifying, not only beauty, but the human capacity to enjoy this beauty.
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