Thursday, January 19, 2012



The image of God drawing us into the future rather than pushing us from the past, which I find so attractive, is from a book that I'm reading by John F. Haught called "Making Sense of Evolution:Darwin, God, and the Drama of Life." I think a better understanding of evolution will help me to grow in my understanding and love of God.
Haught criticizes the evolutionary atheists who think that if God existed the design of evolution would be perfect. There would not be the "waste and waywardness" that is seen in evolution.
Haught says that God works, not in the manner of an architect or engineer, but of a dramatist who allows the characters to take on lives of their own. He notes that evolution shows us that "the general drift of life has been in the direction of increasing complexity, consciousness, and freedom." Nature is freed from a mindless and lifeless determinism. "The God of boundless love revealed in Jesus influences nature by way of attraction rather than force." The purpose of the "evolutionary drama" is to intensify creation's beauty.
Evolution points to an adventurous God who loves surprises.
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