Monday, January 23, 2012

Be quiet; leave this man.

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This morning the Lake started melting again. I took this picture before I knew that there are nine swans on the ice in the middle of the picture. Later, as I sat down to meditate, I saw them. About noon they took flight almost due east. I couldn't enlarge the picture enough to see more than some black dots.
I meditated on Mark's story about Jesus and the man with an unclean spirit (1:21-28). A few verses earlier Jesus had said "The Reign of Love is at hand." In this passage he begins immediately to extend that Reign of Love, "Be quiet; leave this man." The power of Love expels the unclean spirit from the man and underlines the authority with which Jesus preaches.
It took a while to think about what this had to say to me. I have never known anyone who was possessed. Then I remembered being so unsure of reality at one point in my thirties that I almost felt like I was possessed. I certainly didn't feel like I was myself. I am very grateful that Jesus used a psychologist and a few friends to expel that "unclean spirit."

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