Tuesday, January 24, 2012



This ultra-modern church is in Capernaum. It looks like a space ship hovering over the ground. If I understand it rightly, it is built over the remains of a fifth century church, which itself is built over the home of Simon Peter and Andrew. As brothers, they would have lived with their extended families in buildings surrounding a courtyard. Mark 1:29-30 has Peter's mother-in-law living there.
Capernaum, which is on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, has a large sign proclaiming itself the home of Jesus. He made this his center of operation in Galilee. He seems to have lived with Peter and Andrew's family. Mark 2:1, in some translations, refers to it as Jesus' home. Other translations say he was "in the house."
Inside the church, there is a large glass covered opening in the center of the floor that enabled us to see down into the ruins of the church and the home. Even here in my own home so far from Capernaum, it feels good to have been so connected to a place where Jesus lived and worked and relaxed.
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