Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Living One


Colt's Foot is the first flower we usually see here in the spring. It grows on the side of the road where it must eat gravel and tar! It closes up at night and opens more and more as the sun brightens. There was nothing visible when I passed this at the beginning of my walk, but a half hour later on my way home it was shining bright.
In Luke's account of the Resurrrection he tells us that, when Mary Magdalene, Susanna, and some other women from Galilee come to the tomb, they find it empty. Two angels say, "Why are you looking for the living one among the dead?"
They are mystified. The angels tell them, "He has been raised. Remember that he told you in Galilee that he must be crucified and on the third day rise again." Very readily the women believe that Jesus is alive.
But when they tell the apostles, they don't believe. They think the women are delerious. Peter confirms that the tomb is empty, but the passage ends with him and the apostles still not believing.
Growing up believing in the Resurrection, my faith is as ready as the women's. The unbelief of the apostles helps me to appreciate what an astounding event this is, the very starting point of our Christian faith. Jesus is the Living One.
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