Friday, April 9, 2010

Blog Birthday


The moment before sunrise on Easter morning.
I started this blog three years ago today, at a friend's suggestion. At that time I didn't even know what a blog was. Since I was in high school I've kept a journal fitfully, some years writing almost every day, others just once or twice in the whole year. I decided to use this blog the way I used my journal. I wanted to reflect on what God is doing with me here in retirement.
Last night I read the first several entries from April, 2007, and one or two entries every month since then. I like it. The writing is good and succinct. The pictures add a lot to it. Originally I hadn't planned on using photographs. The first few entries have none. They have become a very satisfying part of it for me.
I wrote my journal only for my eyes. I have tried to approach this blog the same way, reflecting to myself, but letting someone look over my shoulder. I notice, however, that some entries are more like little sermonettes, addressed to the reader as well as to myself. I think I mainly want to keep it as if I am letting others read my journal.
When I started I intended to keep it something that anyone of any religious persuasion might find appealing, so that if they stumbled on it on the internet, they might find it helpful. But it was hard to write a journal without reflecting on some of my concerns as a priest. I gradually began also to reflect on the Scripture readings for Mass.
I still hope that those of other religions will find many of my reflections valuable.
Although few have made comments on the blog, I have received lots of encouragement from readers in person and by email.
In another entry I will try to see what themes I notice in this blog over this three year period.
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