Thursday, April 15, 2010

Business as Usual


I am impressed that John in the 21st chapter of his Gospel bothers to tell us that the disciples caught 153 large fish. It helps to remember that these men had been fishermen who caught and sold fish for a living. They are not just enjoying a few hours fishing the way men do in the lake in front of my house.
What astonishes me is that, while their newly risen Lord is waiting for them on the lakeshore with some fish already on a fire, they take time to hunker down and count the fish they've caught. In John's Gospel Jesus has appeared to them twice before, but it's almost as if they have forgotten or dismissed it. They are back to business as usual. These are the men whom Jesus handpicked to be his companions while he was walking the earth and to continue his work in the world!
An intense prayer experience of Jesus' presence can't end in business as usual. I want it to make me more aware of my union with others in Christ and urge me to spread that Good News.
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