Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Silent Wood


This morning I hiked on the same snowmobile trails as yesterday, only in the opposite direction. The sameness and the silence in this wood is what attracts me. The only sound is the crunch of my boots on the snow. I stop every once in a while, not just to look around at the unchanging view, but to "listen" to the silent wood.
After breakfast I was again reading Richard Rohr's The Naked Now. In a chapter on not making judgments he writes, "The mind wants a job and loves to process things. The key to stopping this game is, quite simply, peace, silence, or stillness. This was always seen as God's primary language, 'with everything else being a very poor translation,' as Fr. Thomas Keating wisely observes. I would even say that on the practical level, silence and God will be experienced simultaneously--and even as the same thing."
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