Friday, March 26, 2010

Free at Last


Yesterday about 4 PM the lake became ice-free. The ice had been breaking up for a few days and yesterday's 70 degrees and sunshine freed the lake of its winter bondage.
As I continue to reflect on "salvation" I find that the Hebrew root of the word "signifies primarily the possession of space and the freedom and security which is gained by the removal of contriction" (John L. McKenzie's Dictionary of the Bible.) It's opposite would be something like narrowness and straits. God "saved" Israel by freeing them from slavery in Egypt.
In the New Testament Jesus "saves" people by freeing them from illness. In his dying and rising Jesus "saves" us from sin, frees us from sin. I find thinking of "salvation" as freedom from sin very helpful.
Sin constricts and narrows our relationship with others and with God. Jesus frees us from that constriction and narrowness and makes us more expansive in loving God and others. Jesus gradually melts our icy hearts and makes space there for more and more love.
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