Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy Love


My mother used to say, "You throw money around like a drunken sailor!" I don't know what she knew about sailors since we lived hundreds of miles from the ocean, but it's a good description of the "prodigal" son.
The father in the story is even more "prodigal." It's love that he throws around in such a crazy way.
Jesus wants us to know that God our Father has more love than God knows what to do with. God is overflowing Love, spilling Love into our world without a caution about whom it touches. There is absolutely nothing we can do that will turn that Love off. We can turn away from It as the prodigal son did; or take It for granted as his brother did. We can do nothing to earn It. All that's necessary is to let go, let ourselves be held, embraced, possessed, drawn totally into Gracious Love.
God also throws Beauty around with abandon.
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