Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Become Divine

Another warming view from my recent trip to the Caribbean.
Even though it's 8 degrees outside, the sun makes my south facing rooms about 80 degrees.  Today I sat there in the sun, remembering the tropics and reading The Cloud of Unknowing, an anonymous 14th century spiritual classicThe author, in writing about contemplation, talks about God's drawing us into "the being of God himself."  We transcend ourselves and become divine.  God unites us with Godself in spirit, in love, and in oneness of desire.   We are certainlynot equal to God.  We don't deserve this, but God lovingly re-creates us, "making us, as it were, divine and one with God for time and eternity."
This passage reminded me of the thoughts I had as I sat on the beach (described in the entry before last.)  God lives in all of us and  loves all of us.  We love God back with God's own love which makes us all ONE with God.
Many years ago the theme that our parish used for Advent was a quote from St. Athanasius: "God became human so that we might become divine."

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