Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beach Walking

The snow started before I woke up and has not stopped all day.  When I went for my morning walk the snow plow had not been through and no vehicles had been on the road in our part of the neighborhood.  I love walking through freshly fallen snow and kicking it up in front of me.
Four days ago I was walking in the surf, kicking the warm water up in front of me.  This was a great beach for walking, more than a mile long.  Breathtaking scenery.  This picture is looking south.  North there are some lovely hills.  The view toward the sea is enhanced by several small islands and waves crashing on distant reefs.
My plan was to swim, walk the beach and lay in the sun.  Plan was a success.  A constant wind kept it from feeling too hot.  Some parts of the beach were less crowded than others, so it was always possible to find some quiet space.  It was impossible to be there without finding God in the beauty of it all.

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