Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm sitting on the sand and looking around me.  About ten yards away is a young couple.  He has a bad limp, but every once in a while he limps down and begins very carefully to enter the water. Then he turns and lets himself fall in backwards.  His wife never goes in the water, just reads.
I close my eyes and become aware of God living within me.  I start to pray for the young man.  I become aware of God living in him and in his wife.  I become aware of God living in all these people sitting and lying and swimming and walking.
I think of God loving me and enabling me to love God with God's own love.  I think of this Love happening in all these people on the beach, uniting all of us to one another.  The image that comes up in my imagination is a sort of blob and the words that come into my head: It's all ONE.

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