Friday, August 3, 2012

The Sign

Thinking of God as air and as Love is valuable to my growing in my relationship with God.  Those kinds of images are not so easy for us human beings to grasp as concrete images, but they serve to remind me that God is impossible to grasp.
God tried various ways to communicate Godself to us.  The Burning Bush.  The prophets.  But God finally decided that they best way was come in human flesh.  God gave us eyes and ears and noses and mouths and hands.  It is through these senses that we get ideas and images into our minds and imaginations.
In John 6:24-35 it is understandable that the crowd wants some sign that will convince their senses that Jesus has been sent by God.  Jesus responds that he himself is the sign.  Jesus is the primordial sacrament of God to our world.  If I want to know what God is like, I look at Jesus.  I see Love in the flesh.  Jesus asks the crowd and me to believe in him, to put myself entirely in his hands. He is the source of my living now in the unending presence of God. Jesus is the bread of life.

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