Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Treasure


What is the secret of finding the Treasure? There isn't one. The Treasure is everywhere. It is offered to us at every moment and wherever we find ourselves. All creatures, friends or enemies, pour it out abundantly, and it courses through every fiber of our body and soul until it reaches the very core of our being. God's activity runs through the entire universe. It wells up around and penetrates every created being....
This is authentic spirituality, and it is valid for all times and for everyone. We could not choose to become good in a better, more miraculous, and yet easier way than by simple use of the means offered us by God: the whole-hearted acceptance of everything that comes to us at every moment of our lives.
(I came across the above quote from Jean Pierre de Caussade yesterday in a book I'm using for spiritual reading called "Teachings of the Christian Mystics" edited by Andrew Harvey.)
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