Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Divine Leaking Through


One morning last week I took this picture in my neighbor's yard. It had rained all night. There was no sun. Often when it is sunless, I don't take my camera on my morning walk. Fortunately, I did that morning. These flowers didn't need the sun. The light came from within them. I don't know what they are.
As I continued my walk I noticed the large leafed weeds that adorn both shoulders of our road were glistening with the recent rain. The trees and bushes seemed to be glowing. The Divine leaking through.
Even later when I drove into the nearby town, everything was spilling light, the hillsides and the cornfields. My heart was in my mouth. I was lifted in gratitude and joy.
Sometimes for a moment or two God shines out in everything I see, but it is just a glimpse of the Divine. It is rare to have the whole morning, and a cloudy one at that, stay glistening with God.
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