Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seduced by God


This northern sky awakened me yesterday morning. Its beauty was so overwhelming that I have already put here three views of that dawn. Dawns and twilights are often the ways that God seduces me.
The prophet Jeremiah cries, "You have seduced me, Yahweh, and I have let myself be seduced." (New Jerusalem Bible translation) The Hebrew verb is used several times in the O.T. to refer to sexual seduction. That sexual metaphor continues throughout verses 7-9 of chapter 20. Jeremiah continues his complaint, "You have overpowered me; you are the stronger." Jeremiah is upset because all God wants him to do is predict disasters for the nation. Then he says, "I would say to myself, 'I will not mention Him; I will not speak in His name anymore,' but then there seemed to be a raging fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones. I could not hold it in. I was helpless."
God's goodness and beauty and love are so powerful that I don't stand a chance. I let myself be loved into being good and beautiful. I cannot resist telling others about the seductive Spirit of Love.
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