Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Precious Pearl


The parables in chapter 13 of Matthew's Gospel are exceptionally rich for meditation. In verses 45-46 Jesus says that the Reign of God is like one precious pearl for which a merchant will sell everything that he has. This pearl has not been hidden like the treasure in the field. That came as a total surprise. The merchant has been actively seeking fine pearls. My experience these past six months of finding God in a new way and growing in my relationship with this Spirit of Love has taught me to keep seeking even at 75.
What the parables of the treasure in the field and the one precious pearl have in common is that each man sells everything that he has to get it. The Reign of God is so precious that it matters more to me than anything. When I was young I couldn't see that it could mean more to me than my love for my parents and family. But when I get even a glimmer of understanding that "God is Love," I see that everyone else and all else is caught up in this Love. That makes it possible for me to let the Reign of the Spirit of Love matter more to me than anything.
(I have begun to notice a few comments on my blog. I will find out how to respond directly, but in the meantime please know that I appreciate those comments.)
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