Monday, July 18, 2011

Like Yeast


These lilies look so vibrant against the water. One of the signs that full summer is here, my favorite time. I am able to enjoy it fully now that the shingles have faded.
Mattthew 13;33 is a parable that helps me to continue meditating on how closely God is mixed in with our world. Jesus says the Reign of God is like yeast that a woman hides in 50 pounds of flour until it all rises.
The Reign of God is like yeast that is transforming the whole world. Jesus isn't talking about saving us from the wicked world. He's talking about saving the entire wicked world! In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the yeast of the Spirit of Love has been mixed into the flour of our world. Once yeast is in the dough the baker can't get it out. So the Reign of God is gradually making our world rise, sometimes in a very hidden manner. The Greek says that the woman "hides" the yeast in the flour, a verb that very few English translations use. Yet I wonder if the mostly hidden nature of the Reign of God isn't part of Jesus' message in this parable. It's so hidden that I may often be tempted to think that God forgot the yeast; but with this short, powerful parable Jesus assures us that the Reign of God, the Reign of the Spirit of Love, is constantly working in us and in our world to bring all under God's influence.
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