Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Tree Full of Monkeys


Ramakrishna said that our minds are like a tree full of monkeys jumping from branch to branch. This is one of the images that John Garvey used in the July 16 issue of Commonweal to talk about our need for silence. We are almost constantly distracted by sounds and noise. Yesterday morning when I opened my washer full of clothes out fell the cell phone that I had been running around the house hunting. Instead of giving myself a day free of interruptions I hurried in to the store and bought another phone.
Late this afternoon I turned on the TV, something I almost never do in the daytime, to see what I could find out about Hurricane Earl. I couldn't believe all the nonsense that passes for news, even on what I would call responsible networks. I did not find what I was looking for. All the junk kept the monkeys in my mind jumping from branch to branch.
I am fortunate to live here where there is very little noise, especially this time of year when most summer people have left the Lake. I want to take more care to protect the silence that God gives me and that God uses to communicate with me.
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