Thursday, July 15, 2010



When I stepped out the back door this morning at 7:30 I was shocked to see the chipmunk in the trap. It has been eating my potted plants for several summers, especially the roots, and I have been trying to trap it for two summers. Success startled me.
Before I started my morning routine I put the trap in the trunk of my car and drove seven and a half miles to the top of the nearest mountain and let it out into the woods. I wanted to make sure I dropped it far away from anybody's home, especially mine. As I drove I thought about the old movie "Lassie Come Home," in which the dog endures many miles of troubles to get back to his home. I was hoping this chipmunk didn't have the same homing instinct and determination.
Since I have never seen more than one chipmunk at a time, I am hoping that the one I trapped was the only one who made my property home.
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