Friday, July 16, 2010

Letting Go


As I continue to reflect on Martha and Mary, I am reminded of the quote from Dorothy Day that helped me to decide to retire:
"Buddhists teach that a person's life is divided into three parts:
the first part for education and growing up;
the second for continued learning, through marriage and raising a family,
involvement with the life of the senses, the mind, and the spirit;
and the third period, the time of withdrawal from responsibility,
letting go of the things of this life, letting God take over."
(Day's Catholic Worker column, March, 1975)
After rushing around the house this morning getting ready for company, I got a glass of water and sat on the deck just looking at the Lake and enjoying the cooling wind and letting go. Day's quote came to mind. I began to wonder how much I have been able to do this withdrawing from responsibility.
The picture that I took this summer at Dolly Sods Wilderness reminds me of what a great place that is for letting go.
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