Friday, February 26, 2016


I am grateful for the blessing of surviving to celebrate my 80th birthday.  This picture from several years ago was filed under "Awakened by Beauty," whom we sometimes call God.
I prayed and meditated on Psalm 90 this morning: "from age to age you are God....Our life is a mere seventy years, eighty with good health....Teach us to make use of our days and bring wisdom to our hearts....shine your love on us each dawn and gladden all our days.  Balance our past sorrows with present joys and let your servants, young and old, see the splendor of your work.  Let your loveliness shine on us, and bless the work we do, bless the work of our hands" (1994 translation by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.)
I thank God for showing Godself in my family and friends, in nature, in Eucharist, and in the beauty that human beings create, like movies.

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Matthew said...

Happy Birthday Father Paul!

Matthew Cathell