Friday, June 6, 2014

Holy Delphi

This is the glorious view from my balcony in Delphi, a 1,800 foot drop to the Gulf of Corinth.  I was not surprised to find this area a holy place.  The ancient Greeks must have felt how close it was to the Divine or they would never have gone to all the trouble to make it a place of pilgrimage.  Travelling by bus from Athens we came through some spectacular mountains that would have proved hard going for someone on foot or mule.  (Clicking on the picture enlarges it.)
I grew up in mountains and have always loved being in them.  Mountains are often in the Scriptures the place where humans meet God.
As early as 1400 BC archeologists think there may have been a shrine here to Gaia, the Earth Mother Goddess.  The place was considered the navel, the center, of the world.  I felt very close to God here.

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