Saturday, June 7, 2014

Athena and Apollo

Experts are sure that this site was dedicated to Athena, and before that probably Gaia.  Ironically these ruins are the most photographed in Delphi, even though it was in the Temple of Apollo further up the mountain where the famous Oracle of Delphi gave her pronouncements.  People came from everywhere to consult the Oracle about big and little decisions that they had to make.
From these ruins I climbed the mountain behind me to the ruins of Apollo's Temple and further up to the ruins of a theater and a stadium, the best preserved in Greece.  I had to stop several times to rest as I hiked another 700 feet up the steep path.  I wondered at the stamina of the runners who climbed this path and  then ran races in the stadium.
While I was here I prayed especially for someone on the verge of a new career and also for a young man who hopes one day to run in the Olympics.  The games held here were called the Pythian Games and were second in importance only to the Olympics.

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