Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Almost Heaven

I've been hearing rumors about Corridor H in West Virginia for many years, but it didn't seem like it would ever be of use to me.  Recently some friends told me that some new sections had been finished that brought it from Interstate 81 to Bismarck, W.V., not too far from where I live.  It is Route 48.
Since I use Dulles Airport I got so excited about it yesterday afternoon that I drove over to Bismarck and got on it and drove to Moorefield, W.V. which took only 25 minutes.  The views were magnificent, an elegant bit of road building.   Parts of West Virginia that I had never seen.  I guess much of it was seen only by people who lived in the small towns in these mountains.
Much of the westernmost part of the road is also finished, but the sections from Bismarck west to at least Parsons are not.

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