Friday, February 28, 2014


Early Monday morning traveling a nearby road.
Wednesday, 26th, was my 78th birthday.  I don't feel what I thought 78 would feel like when I was 8.  Then it seemed incredibly old.  One sign is that I am visiting more sick friends.
What comes most to mind is how much God has helped me grow in my relationship with God.  The experience I had on St. Martin was a big step.  I became aware of God within me and within all those around me; God's loving us and giving us the same love with which to return God's love.  All One. The image of a Blob.  This has influenced strongly how I now start my Centering Prayer in the mornings.
As I think of my 78 years I realize how long I have been stressing that God is Mystery, entirely beyond my concepts and words to comprehend.  I have also become convinced that this Mysterious God has a relationship with everybody in the world.  I was pleased to see in the February 24 issue of America an article about young people born between the early 80's and the late 90's, the "Nones," who prefer Divine Mystery and an all inclusive spirituality.  I was pleasantly surprised to see their attitude described so similar to mine.  I wondered why.  I'm not sure, but perhaps it's because I have always been a man of my time, celebrating the modern world, appreciating our movies and music and art and fiction, keeping in touch with those younger than I.
The priest who was so influential in my growing was always thinking new thoughts, always open to new ideas.  I often prayed that I would be like him when I got old.

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