Thursday, December 26, 2013

2nd Day of Christmas Gift

I took this picture on the way to Christmas morning Mass.  We had just enough snow to make everything pretty.  The clouds were like a mirror of the earth.  Again last night just enough snow to keep the whole world white.  The sun came out this afternoon and made everything bright and beautiful.
A friend gave me a poem yesterday that had been sent to her.  I pass it on to you instead of two turtle doves.  I liked it a lot and would like to quote the whole thing but I don't think that's allowed.  It's called BC:AD and I think the poet's name is U.A. Fanthorpe.

This was the moment when Before
Turned into After....

And this was the moment
When a few farm workers and three
Members of an obscure Persian sect
Walked haphazard by starlight straight
Into the kingdom of heaven.
(you can find the whole poem by googling U.A. Fanthorpe Christmas Poems)

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