Monday, June 4, 2012

Whirling Love

My prayer life becomes more and more Trinitarian since I retired.  I realize that nothing I can think or say completely captures the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, but here is one of the ways to think about the Trinity that I have found helpful.  In the First Letter of John 4:8, he says "God is love."  So I give God the name "Love."
It is Love who is the source of all that is.  It is Love who freed the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt and Love who brought them back from exile in Babylon.
It is Love who took on human flesh and lived among us.  It is Love who died and rose to save us from sin and death.
It is Love who remains among us and within us making us more loving.  It is Love who draws us into a future full of hope.
One Love creating and saving and living within us, in a kind of divine square dance, with the partners circling each other, each pair cycling around other pairs, and the whole floor whirling, Love drawing me into the dance, every human being, all creation, circling and whirling in Love, and each one of us reaching out to draw others into the dance.

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