Thursday, May 19, 2011



I get very excited this time of year getting new flowers. I've been to three nurseries in three days. After the long winter I look forward to spending time just wandering around in hothouses chockful of an amazing variety of flowers. I potted geraniums and petunias (this picture is from last summer) and hung pots of million bells and single red fuschia.
I am struck by how the size of a pot can determine how small or how large a flower may grow. In one hothouse today I saw a small bougainvillea in a hanging pot. I bought a small one last spring and repotted it twice last summer. It grew large with beautiful pink crepe-paper-like blossoms. I brought it inside in the fall and put it in a south-facing window. I was astonished when it grew into a tree and continued to produce gorgeous blossoms.
Through the years I have met pinched, uptight people who have been kept in small pots or who have kept themselves in small pots, no room to grow, afraid to risk. I have also met people who have been repotted again and again, always with plenty of room to grow. They are expansive and beautiful.
Spirit of Love invites me even at my age to keep risking and growing.
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