Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wondrous Love


4th day of Christmas. Four colly birds, whatever they are. I forget.
I want to keep reflecting on Christmas during these 12 Days. The most revealing thought for me this year is God moving through dimensions we cannot imagine to become one of us. God so loved the world that God was willing to go to any lengths to hold the entire human race in his warm embrace. I have often used the quote, "Love came down at Christmas," but I don't think of God coming "down." Maybe "breaking through" from some other dimension is a more apt analogy. Behind it all is a Love that makes me gasp in wonder.
A brilliant day like today makes me think of God sort of "leaking through" from that other dimension. I took this picture right after the Lake froze two weeks ago, but it looks a lot like today, except we have more snow on the ground.
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