Thursday, December 30, 2010



6th Day of Christmas, continuing to savor and reflect on the Mystery of Christmas.
This silver freeze from early winter is an epiphany. God was always present in this tree and the space beyond, but the ice shows us the Divine, calls our attention to the Presence. The Greek "phan" in Epiphany is also in celophane which "shows" us what's inside a package.
We need signs and reminders of Divine Presence. The star was the sign for the Magi, so persuasive that they went out of their way to follow it "from the east." Our sign may well be the stars on a crystal clear winter night or a full moon on the winter solstice. Our star may be some extraordinary act of kindness or the jabbering of an infant. Whatever calls our attention to the Divine that is always present whether we notice or not.
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