Wednesday, November 24, 2010



This is a neighbor's garden a few weeks back, the sight itself something to be thankful for.
The other night I watched "Like Stars on Earth," an Indian movie about a nine year old boy who has dyslexia. I found the first two-thirds of the movie tedious as it established that this little boy could not read or write. He gradually became depressed because nobody guessed what was wrong with him and kept criticizing him for being lazy and stubborn. Finally a temporary art teacher recognizes his dyslexia and helps him to learn how to cope with it. This last third of the movie packs a strong emotion wallop. I found myself in happy tears.
When it was over I thought about how I tell people that I am becoming dyslexic, but I realized that my mixing up letters was nothing compared to what this boy went through. I suddenly experienced an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my health and for who I am and for what I am and for what I am doing. There was no listing in my mind of all the people I knew who were sick but there was an all-encompassing awareness of them. There was also no listing of all God's gifts to me but a deep awareness of being blessed and of being possessed by a great thanksgiving.
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