Tuesday, November 2, 2010



The circle inside the star is a hole through which I could see the floor of the cave where Jesus was born. This is under an altar in a small "room". We each knelt and kissed the star. A good spiritual experience.
We had celebrated Mass earlier in a cave where St. Jerome lived in the 4th century while he was translating the Bible into Latin. His cave is right next to the one where Jesus was born. There are many caves in the area that people lived in 2000 years ago. I found it very confining, but not so much as the Holy Sepulchre chapel in Jerusalem.
I was meditating on the verse from John's Gospel "The Word became flesh and lived among us." The thought came to me that if I could not find God in the mass of human flesh that was crowding us everywhere we went I would not find God in the Holy Land. The phrase "ammong us" in the original Greek of the Gospel means literally "in us." That makes finding God in the crowds even more profound.
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