Saturday, May 15, 2010

Call Attention


I continue to reflect on how much Jesus counts on us to continue his work of witnessing to God's unearned love. Returning from my morning walk, the rays of the early morning sun sparkled off this red berry on a hillside. It was there without my noticing it. The sun's rays called it to my attention.
God's unearned love is always present even though many people do not notice it. Through the centuries the Church calls attention to it. That's what I think witnessing is.
A friend sent me an article from the New York Times by a man writing from Sudan about how he sees Jesus in the Catholic priests and sisters that he has met there. One of the sisters is someone I know. She calls attention of Jesus and his love for the poor and needy. The writer calls attention to her work. My friend called my attention to the article. I called other people's attention to it. Probably they called someone else's attention to it. All of us are witnessing, doing something that the Risen and Ascended Jesus can do only through us.
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