Monday, May 3, 2010



"We have met the enemy and he is us." This bird and its partner have been eating at my bird feeder and sitting on my miniature tangerine tree for three days. He has been spending way more time attacking his reflection in the window than eating. He is so focused on this enemy that he doesn't even notice me right inside the window taking his picture. I'm wondering whether he will eventually hurt himself, flying at the reflection and hitting the window with his beak.
I guess there's a sermon here somewhere. Maybe "enemy" is an illusion. Maybe it would be more sensible just to enjoy what I want and let this stranger enjoy it as well rather than getting all upset about protecting my turf.
I had never seen this kind of bird before. I was able to get this very close picture and look it up in "North American Birds." It is a northern parula, which until recently was called a "parula warbler." With such a variety of color he is lovely to look at and, at four and a half inches, very cute.
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