Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Shining Radiance


One of the passages that Matthew echoes in his story of the Magi is Isaiah 60:1-6. This pre-dawn blazing in the sky seems to suit "Arise, shine, for your light has dawned; the Presence of the Lord has shone upon you." I find it interesting that this Jewish translation (Tanakh)capitalizes "Presence" as well as "Lord." The passage is full of light. The prophet is probably talking to the people just recently returned from Exile. The Lord's light will make the people themselves a light for others: "And nations shall walk by your light, kings by your shining radiance."
God is light and lives within us. This light isn't to be kept just for our own comfort. Jesus warned us not to keep our light under a basket. God within sets us ablaze as well and makes us light for others. Rather than let people get lost in darkness, our shining radiance will light their way.
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