Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Duty of Delight

The flowers are for Dorothy Day's birthday (1897-1980.)  This double begonia didn't bloom until late summer. Since I brought it in from outside it has continued to look fresh.  I took this picture just a few days ago.
I've been reading Day's diaries.  One of my favorite entries is on February 24, 1961.
"Spanish motto on Pecos priest's house (on one of his plates): 'It is good to do nothing and rest afterwards.'  Some days are like that with me.  Today I thought of a title for my book, 'The Duty of Delight,' as a sequel to 'The Long Loneliness.'  I  was thinking how, as one gets older we are tempted to sadness, knowing life as it is here on earth, the suffering, the Cross.  And how we must overcome it daily, growing in love, and the joy which goes with loving." 

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