Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day's birthday was last Sunday.  She was born November 8, 1897, and died November 29, 1980.  What impressed me most about her was her awareness of Jesus living in others.  In an article she wrote in the late 1950's she quoted from J.D. Salinger's Zooey.  Franny has asked her brother Zooey why their oldest brother Seymour told her to polish her shoes before going on the radio and to do such a needless thing "for the Fat Lady."
Zooey replies, "There isn't anyone anywhere who isn't Seymour's Fat Lady.  Don't you know that?  Don't you know that secret yet?  And don't you know--listen to me, now--don't you know who that Fat Lady really is?...Ah, buddy.  Ah, buddy.  It's Christ Himself.  Christ Himself, buddy."
A mantra for me at 20, "The Fat Lady is Jesus Christ."

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