Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Short of Breath

"Pneuma" is a Greek word that means "breath" as well as "spirit."  It is the source of our English word "pneumonia."  Reading it as "breath" when I meditated this morning gave me a new understanding of Acts 2:1-13.  The whole event is aimed at speaking, using breath to talk.
Luke doesn't say that Pentecost involved wind and fire.  He says there was a sound like a strong violent wind.  Imagine the roaring sound that the Breath of God made in the room.  He says that tongues like fire rested on each one of the disciples.  Imagine their tongues being moved by the Breath of God.  "They were all filled with the Holy Breath and began to speak in different tongues...." 
The Breath of God fills us and moves us to talk about Jesus. 

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