Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Risking Growth


The cold nights are drawing a lot of heat out of the Lake, so there is often fog in the mornings. As the sun rises it lends the scenery a haunting beauty that invites reflection.
I meditated this morning on the parable of the talents in Matthew's Gospel (25:14-30.) In the parable a "talent" is an amount of money. A talent was worth more than 15 years' wages of a laborer. Jesus wants to highlight the risk involved. The master is giving these slaves enormous amounts of money.
The parable helped me to think about the risk involved in any kind of growth and about God's expectation that I run the risk, even at 75. My thoughts turned particularly to growth in my relationship with God. I have been given some insights recently from books like Johnson's "Quest for the Living God" and a book by Ilia Delio called "The Emerging Christ" which I am just beginning. Other insights have come from my own reflecting and from conversations with friends. The risk involved in pursuing these insights is that I will have to let go of my more familiar notion of God. Hopefully the gain will be a richer understanding of God and a deeper relationship with this Spirit of Love.
I remembered Griffith's image of a child standing at the edge of a deep, dark, well. Out of the darkness he hears a voice, "Jump, my child, I'll catch you."
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