Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gold Silver Sunset


I never get tired of the striking sunsets that we have here. This was last evening's. I took so many pictures it was hard to decide among them. I often sit on the deck until the sun goes down.
I've been sticking to the deck lately as I nurse a case of shingles that started to develop last Monday. The initial pain was some of the worst I ever experienced. I'm in drug heaven now so the pain and itching are muted. I'm supposed to take it easy. I miss swimming and walking.
It feels so arbitrary. Why me? What did I do to stir this up? No one has bothered to find out what activates the dormant chicken pox virus.
It has made me more sympathetic to those with chronic pain. I ask God to accept mine as a prayer for theirs. At the same time I ask the Spirit of Love to heal me completely.
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