Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haunting Mystery


In the Transfiguration story light and cloud are apt metaphors for a God that we can never completely grasp, never fully comprehend. Peter's suggestion of tents reflects a desire to nail down this inexpressible mystery. A common temptation, although some are more comfortable with the ambiguity of the Divine than others.
Once I face the truth that God is Mystery and can never be grasped completely I begin to get a glimpse of how rich that Mystery is. I want to be drawn into it.
It's as if I am moving with Jesus through dimensions beyond time in a dense and discouraging cloud; but Jesus coaxes me, "Come on, don't be discouraged. What lies ahead is pretty wonderful." As I let Jesus lead me further through these dim dimensions, we find ourselves coming into a bright light that both blinds and illuminates us. I am overcome by the beauty and goodness of God and haunted by the awareness that there is so much beyond that I have still to fathom. I want to plunge myself more and more wholeheartedly into the Mystery.
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