Friday, January 7, 2011

Fresh Snow


Yesterday was a day of light snow flurries that didn't amount to much. During the night we got about five inches of fresh, light, snow; and it is still snowing. It made my morning walk even more enjoyable. Scrub pines, like this, hold the snow differently from other pines. They sort of cup the light snow in little balls. (Clicking on the picture enlarges it.)
It occurred to me that God was providing some natural beauty at a time when, after the Twelve Days of Christmas, I was beginning reluctantly to take down my Christmas decorations.
These days have not been as quiet and reflective as I like. It's partly that I haven't been guarding my stillness very well, but it's mainly that other demands have required my time and energy. When I stepped outside last night before going up to bed, the snow had made a completely silent night. The snow encourages stillness in me as well.
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