Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Come Back to Me


Snow continues. I did my usual 2 mile walk this morning, as much out of curiosity as desire for excercise. While I am out I am awed by the size of the drifts and lifted by the beauty of scenes like this. The lift lasts for a while after I get home but as the day goes on things seem to get flatter.
Because of the snow there were no Ash Wednesday Masses here, so I took some time here at home to sing the hymn, "Come Back to Me" and reflect on the reading from Joel 2:12-18. The reading stresses the same interiority that the Ash Wednesday Gospel stresses. God calls us to come back with all our hearts. God is calling us back, not as individuals, but as a people. "Blow the trumpet. Call an assembly. Gather the people." This struck me as especially poignant today when the people cannot assemble.
It occured to me that an appropriate Lenten penance might be to stop complaining about the snow and make the most of the solitude it imposes.
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