Friday, January 22, 2010

Mystery of Evil


When something like Haiti's earthquake happens we are faced with the mystery of a good and all-powerful God who lets such evil happen. A Haitian woman said, "God, you are the one who gave me life. Why are we suffering?" A Haitian reporter said, "If God exists, he's really got it in for Haiti." A 28 year old computer expert said, "It may seem like a strange moment to have faith, but you can't blame God. I blame man. God gave us nature and we Haitians, and our governments, abused the land. You cannot get away without consequences."
This young man's response is helpful, but there is no completely satisfying answer. In the Old Testament Job tried to make sense of suffering and failed. God seems to tell him that it's beyond his understanding. In the New Testament the Cross can help us get some inkling of understanding. God lets his own Son die on the cross and then brings good out of it for Jesus and for all of us. Somehow all the suffering we and the people of Haiti endure is bound up with the dying and rising of Jesus.
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